Reunion-goers from the Redlands era

AIS has been in Redlands since 1985, and the majority of its employees were hired after the company moved "down the hill." Like the AISers from the Crestline era, these "alumni" had their own set of bonding experiences, including the feral cats under the building, talking toys and Christmas inflatables in the main mapping room, and memorable field-checking excursions in the urban areas and boonies of southern California and beyond.

Reunion-goers from the Crestline era

AIS was located in Crestline from its inception in the mid-1970s to early 1985. The mappers and support staff who worked up there formed strong bonds: during late nights hunched over light tables; while going out for meals and drinks at Crestline's many fine (?) establishments; and after dealing with the fog, ice, rocks and snow (and tire chains) that were a part of mountain driving.

Displays and activities at reunion

We couldn't let the first-ever reunion of AIS employees go by without attempting a group photo. Several ideas on how and where to create the image were considered; in the end, we had employees go out to the patio and group themselves by the decade in which they were hired, starting with the 1970s on the left-hand side. It worked out that way - sort of!