Two news updates: Kelly B. and Erick N.

Here are updates from two former employees who plan to be at the reunion.

The first is from Kelly Bringhurst (#151). He worked at AIS in the late 1980s.

Kelly and a small child, AIS Halloween 1986

Kelly and a small child, AIS Halloween 1986


Contact info: 1476 W. 5830 N, St. George, UT 84770;; (435)215-5199

Family news: Spouse Brenda, 5 children, 7 grandchildren

Employment after AIS: Dixie State University, professor Environmental Sciences

Notable accomplishments, travels, etc.: Spent time in Costa Rica doing research for dissertation and have taken study abroad groups there.

Favorite AIS memories: Mapping roads in Venice and wondering why anyone would want all the roads in a digital map.


Kelly, we look forward to seeing you and Brenda! (I'll never forget when we shared an office, and a new client asked me on the phone what my job title was. You suggested "Empress of the Universe," and I bust out laughing. The client got a kick out of that too!)


The second update is from Erick Nowak (#307). He worked at AIS from 2004-2007, or around there somewhere.

Erick field-checking with Mandy (Wallace) Parkes

Erick field-checking with Mandy (Wallace) Parkes


Contact info: 1452 Campus Avenue, Redlands, CA 92374;; I’m on Facebook!; (909)754-2457

Family news: Married my wife Jeanie in November of 2012; Daughter Emily Jean born July 20, 2014; Dogs Kona – golden retriever, and Molly – Springer spaniel

Employment after AIS: Went to get teaching credential – still looking for full time employment.  Currently working as an Intervention teacher at Mentone Elementary.

Notable accomplishments, travels, etc.: Got married and had a kid… who saw that coming!

Favorite AIS memories: Stealing Santa and taking him for a ride in my 3002x (I’ll try and find a pic before the reunion); or climbing under the building with Arin Glass to remove something that died.


(Erick, Arin had to go under the building twice this spring, to remove two more possums that died under there!! He's our hero!)


More updates to come -- stay tuned!