Two news updates: Gretchen C., and Lance S.

It's been really fun to get updates from our former (or current) employees. Here are two updates from "alumni," both of whom will be at the in-person reunion on June 25.

By the way, if you're concerned about sharing your personal info on the Internet, please realize that the only people who can see this blog are those who have received the link (= current and former employees). Visitors to the AIS website have no clue that the blog exists. And you always have the option of telling us not to share your info - we can just keep a hard copy, and not post anything if you wish.

With that, here's what Gretchen (Stangl) Charlton (employee # 50) has to say!

Gretchen in 1981

Gretchen in 1981


She was employed at AIS from 1980 - 1988.

Her email address is, and phone # is 909-856-5707.

After AIS, she worked: at San Bernardino County in the Planning Dept; a mussel farm; self-employed; English teacher; the City of Yucaipa; and is now retired.

For notable accomplishments and travels, Gretchen started a successful small business, and has lived, worked, and traveled in Central America.

Her favorite AIS memories include: Fat Albert, Smell Em Out Party, Pay Day Pie Day, and too-many-to-remember lunches and nights on the town.


And now, here's what Lance Shipman (employee # 159) sent in:

Lance and Karen at the 1986 AIS Christmas party

Lance and Karen at the 1986 AIS Christmas party


Lance worked at AIS from May 1986 to February 1987.

His address is 30589 Laramie Ave, Redlands CA  92374.

Phone numbers are 909-389-2461 and 909-731-9753, and email address is

His family includes Karen, his wife of 34 years, and sons Lawrence and Hershel.

After AIS, Lance has been employed at Esri - Geodata Product Engineer, File Geodatabase, SQLite. He has been a presenter at the Esri User Conference and at the Dev Summit.

His travels for Esri have included Alaska; Washington DC; Paris; Hong Kong; Jakarta, Indonesia; Tunis, Tunisia; and Ankara, Turkey.

In personal travels, Lance has visited South Africa. 


More updates will be posted soon! From the returns so far, we can conclude that AIS employees are an accomplished, well-traveled bunch of amazing people - don't you agree?