Who will be there? Who won't?

Still trying to make up your mind about whether you want to attend reunion?

Perhaps it will help if we list the people who will definitely or probably be there!

We expect more former employees will reserve in the days ahead, but here's whom we're pretty sure we'll be seeing on June 25, so far:

Mike Ainsworth

John McKay

Gary and Victoria (Alvarez) Green

Ed Hanki

Debbie (Limon) and Ben Johnson

Sharon Hanki

Ed and Janet (Bilton) Reyes

Gretchen (Stangl) Charlton

Annie (Siow) Brierty

Ken Althiser

Paul Kielhold

Sue (Ross) (Rohde) Blohm

Lisa (Balliett) and Eric McCready

Eric Charlton

Craig and Theresa (Hernandez) Congdon

Kelly Bringhurst

Lance Shipman

Ingrid Johnson

Marlene Meyers

Sharon Rushing

Kevin Ryan

Kim (Cannon) Hilder

Valerie Cribbs

John Fulton

Chris Carman

Jimmy Lam

Erick Nowak

Sean Granata

Camille Limon-Johnson

hopefully at least a brief appearance by John Menke

and Eric and Toshie Harnden


What a lineup, huh? Note that some of these former employees will be bringing their spouses, and a few are bringing their offspring also.


Now, for those who won't be attending. The most common reason for missing out is travel plans, with a smattering of other reasons. We'll miss you all!

Steve Matthews

Bill Cantor

Betti (MacGregor) Kabot

Teresa Gordon

Denise Cline (Karavidas)

Matt Feeney

Ruth Cook

Ginger May

David Fong

Lisa (Siegl) Schmit

Jerry Jacobsen

Laurie (Dobson) Correa

Jimalene Clore

Lisa Cotterman

Chris Kane

Jimmy Corio

Tom Resh

Benedict Felix

Terry Licht

Erin Jones

Lisa (Gilstrap) Morse

Aaron Burton

Marci Hamilton

Anne (Carroll) Hepburn

Michael Nelson

Tim Simpson

Ari Isaak

Mandy (Wallace) Parkes

Arin Glass

Emily Lee

Leslie (Lutke) Laine

Mark Fox

Patrick Yiu

Nick Ebat

Jeremiah Moore


There are still people we've contacted that we haven't heard back from, or that we heard from several months ago but haven't heard from since. It'll be exciting to see who will add their name to the first list!

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