Update from Ed and Janet R.

Aside from Toshie and Debbie, the person with the longest continuous employment history at AIS is Ed Reyes (employee # 39). He's been with all those crazy mappers since September 1979. Most recently, Ed spent many hours collecting and organizing photos for the reunion, and he also put together the AIS timeline display boards.

Here's his update:

Accomplishments:  Still here after learning curve of project management, budgets, training, dealing with clients, and technological evolution of GIS.

Family:  Spouse – Janet Bilton Reyes who I met at AIS, we have been married 32 years .  Sons -  Matthew (24) and Stephen (22). Pets we have had, who some of you remember – Cats Homer and Alex, Dogs – Whitney, Don, and Diamond, and 2 red eared slider turtles.

Ed and Janet at the 1991 AIS Christmas party

Ed and Janet at the 1991 AIS Christmas party


Favorite memories:

1.       All the people who I have worked with and got to know through the years,

2.       How AIS has changed and how I have changed with it.

3.       Virtual travel and visitation of many parts of the US and the world through aerial photos and mapping.

4.       John Menke from Fat Alberts and stink bombs to singing about Mr. Shrub and all the talking Xmas toys!

5.       Crestline days when we were young and didn’t know any better.

6.       AIS softball league in the early 80s, practicing in the elementary school grass field at the top of Hwy 138.  And miraculously beating the first place team in our last game when we were near if not at the bottom of the standings.

7.       Going out to lunch in small groups almost every day in Crestline.

8.       Snow.

9.       Two people working together at the same light table and having conversations.

10.   Getting together outside of work.

11.   The EMRI dungeon in Crestline.

12.   All field trips whether checking land use, land cover, and address ranges; or vegetation recon and verification; or client meetings. Got to visit many places.

13.   Vegetation Field Reconnaissance with John Menke for Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks (learned a lot about plants, ecology, visited remote parts of the parks, and got to hike, ride mules and horses, and camp.)



It’s been great compiling photos for the reunion.  I have lots, as well as those from Debbie, Gretchen, Lisa Morse, and Theresa Congdon.  If anyone else has more photos to contribute that would be great! We by no means have it all covered.  We are greatly in need of Crestline photos of 1970s – 1985.


And now, a few words from Janet:

Employed at AIS 1982-1988; 1994 - 2016 (1994 - 2011 was part-time employment)

Contact info: 416 San Jacinto St, Redlands CA  92373.  Email -  ejrey84@verizon.net   Janet is also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Employment other than AIS:  interlude at San Bernardino County Planning Dept, 1988-1991; and full-time motherhood 1991-1994

Notable accomplishments: 6 short plays for children published in 2002 and 2004; writing an informative blog 2012-now.

Travels: Kauai; Alaska; to Milwaukee and back via Amtrak

Favorite AIS memories: November sunsets in Crestline, as viewed from the bathroom window; meeting my husband; laughs at the AIS Christmas parties - and now a new one: the reunion!