All in the (Hanki / Johnson) family

There are six – count ‘em, six! – members of Debbie’s family who have been employed by AIS over the years. Besides Debbie (Hanki) (Limón) Johnson (employee # 27) herself, there’s:

-her father, Ed Hanki (employee number ??)

-her sister, Sharon Hanki (also with an employee number lost in the mists of time)

-her husband, Ben Johnson (employee # 231)

-her and Ben’s nephew, Chris Carman (employee # 269)

-and her daughter, Camille Limón-Johnson (employee # 314).

All of these family members – and more! – have registered to attend the reunion.

And we have news updates from most of them, which you can now read below:


Debbie has worked continuously at AIS since 1978, while Ben was hired in 1991. They live in Redlands, CA 92374. Their emails are:, (both Debbie’s) and (Ben). They are also on Facebook.

Ben and Debbie

Ben and Debbie


Besides each other, their family includes daughters Amanda (32), Camille (27), Eryn (22), and Sachi (19); three dogs (Mikey, Kona, and Luna); and two cats.

As for “Employment after AIS,” the answer was “No, I don’t think so.”

Debbie’s notable accomplishments and travels: “able to raise 4 daughters, work full time, and still maintain some level of sanity. Traveled to Jamaica, Venezuela, and Abu Dhabi for work.”

Her favorite AIS memories:  AIS camping trips. From Crestline days – snow days spent attempting to get up the hill but ending up at the Del Rosa Bowl. Also the Crash Inn and other fun spots.  From Redlands days – Jimmy Corio catching the AIS cats; and the Hanging Santa incident (the first AIS “suicide”). [Editor’s Note: rest assured - there haven’t been any others!]


On to Ed Hanki’s news. He worked at AIS in 1980. His email address is For family news, he says, “same family, just larger,” with wife Sue and the rest of the Hanki clan.

For employment after AIS, he worked for the Riverside District Attorney in management, then at UCR Biology Dept, and is now retired.

Ed’s notable accomplishment is: retiring!

His notable AIS memory is not so much a happy memory, but hitting black ice driving up Highway 18. That was one of the reasons for getting another job.

At the reunion: Sue and Ed Hanki; Sharon Hanki

At the reunion: Sue and Ed Hanki; Sharon Hanki


Sharon Hanki worked at AIS in the summers of 1981 and 1982. Her email address is

For family news, she also says “same family, just larger.” She is single with three dogs.

Her employment after AIS has been as a third-grade teacher in Rialto, CA.

Notable accomplishments and travels: “Love hiking and traveling; just went to Italy.”

Sharon’s favorite AIS memories are driving up the hill and getting apple pies.


And finally, we have Camille’s information. She worked at AIS for a few months in 2012, and for another stretch in 2014. For contact info, it’s best to find her on Facebook (Camille Limon-Johnson).

At the reunion: looks like Camille wants to ask a question!

At the reunion: looks like Camille wants to ask a question!


For family news, Camille writes: “I live with my boyfriend, Kyle Oyama, in Lake Forest CA. I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Accounting. No kids. And, mom and dad take care of my dog, Kona.”

Employment after AIS: “When I left AIS in 2012, I began working for a home lending company in Redlands, called Mountain West Financial. I went back to AIS for a short time in 2014 before getting hired by Union Bank. I have now been working at Union Bank in Commercial Mortgage for 1.5 years.”

Her favorite AIS memories: “The best part of working at AIS was being able to work closely with my mom and dad. I loved getting to work with people that have watched me grow up. I loved visiting when I was a kid: Pie Days, special events, etc. The AIS environment is something many work places should strive to have.”

And her closing comment is that she “can’t wait to see everyone (at least people I remember).” Camille, that sums up how we all feel!


And now reunion is right around the corner! If you’ve sent in news but haven’t seen it here yet, no worries – it’ll get posted before too long, along with lots of photos and “shenanigans” from the reunion.

Remember, even if you’re not going to be at the reunion, we’d love to hear from you. What have YOU been up to? What are YOUR special memories of AIS? Let us know!