Two news updates: the McCreadys, and Marlene M.

Here are two updates from far-away people we will see at Reunion!

First is from Lisa (Balliett) and Eric McCready. Lisa was employee # 100, and Eric was #120.

Years: Lisa - 1982-1985; Eric - 1983-1984

Eric and Lisa McCready with Gretchen Charlton and newborn baby 

Eric and Lisa McCready with Gretchen Charlton and newborn baby 

Contact: 12082 Rainbow Drive, Truckee, CA 96161; (LinkedIn account)

Family news: Married 33 years with 3 kids: Nathan works at environmental lab; Joshua is an engineer at start up “Bitgym”; Carly is an athletic trainer/coach at Sonoma State

Employment after AIS: Eric has been a Math teacher – Death Valley HS, Del Norte HS, North Tahoe HS; Lisa is a middle school PE/Life Science teacher at North Tahoe School

Notable accomplishments, travels, etc.: For both! – teaching at Casablanca American School in Morocco (1999-2002); Coaching HS/MS track, cross-country, and Nordic skiing

Favorite AIS memories: Traveling to Illinois; Point Barrow, Alaska; and field work in LA.  Joking around with the wonderful staff.  Deep conversations while drawing map polygons, for hours and hours!


You may remember reading the story of how Lisa and Eric met in an earlier blog post. So glad they are making the trek down this way to see us!


The second update is from Marlene Meyers (employee #195), one of our many fearless secretaries over the years! She and husband Malcolm are coming all the way from Oregon for the reunion.

Years: Mar 1987 – Sept 1993

Marlene and Malcolm, AIS Christmas Party 1991

Marlene and Malcolm, AIS Christmas Party 1991



Family news: Husband Malcolm – 30 years; Sons John and Jeronimo; 3 Grandchildren – Emilee, Kimber, Cody; 2 golden retrievers who come to work with me every day

Employment after AIS: Started Precious Cargo 2004 – Redding, California, non-emergency medical transportation – 27 employees; second branch opened 2016 in Bend, Oregon.

Notable accomplishments, travels, etc.: Western Canada – Calgary stampede; Eastern Canada, Northern Maine.

Favorite AIS memories: Annie and Debbie eating hot peppers, looking for hotter peppers; The Little Blue Bunny.


Hang on to your hat, Marlene: you might just see the Little Blue Bunny at the reunion!