Stay in touch with former coworkers: here's how

We contacted lots of former AIS employees regarding the reunion last month. Several sent in news updates, and said it would be OK for us to share their contact information. 

We now have a document that serves as a directory of those who said we could share their contact information. You can download the directory here.

This concludes the posts on the AIS blog, at least for the time being. In a classic case of awkward timing, Janet Reyes (who's been writing the posts) has accepted a job at UC Riverside, and so will not be able to continue writing the blog. She says, "It has been a wonderful ride working at AIS and helping with the reunion. I'll miss everyone! At the same time, I'm looking forward to my new adventure as a Geospatial Information Librarian. Hopefully, Ed will continue bringing me as his guest to the AIS Christmas parties!"

From this point on, please contact Debbie Johnson at if you'd like to send along news updates and/or add your information to the directory.