News update from Ken A.

Ken Althiser (employee #68) worked at AIS from 1980-1985, which means he was one of the hearty souls who helped the company move "down the hill" from Crestline to Redlands in early 1985. 

Ken (with Ed Reyes) with snow in Crestline, circa 1982

Ken (with Ed Reyes) with snow in Crestline, circa 1982

His address is 38920 Newberry St., Cherry Valley CA 92223, and his email address is  Home phone is 951-845-8488; cell phone is 951-750-9696.

For family news, he mentions three marriages and three divorces. Two stepdaughters, one of whom is staying with Ken.

Employment after AIS included 13 years at the County of San Bernardino; five and a half years at the University of Redlands; and 12 years working for Xerox at the City of Riverside. (At reunion, he said he still works for the City of Riverside, but no longer with Xerox.)

For notable accomplishments, Ken says he's now the varsity volleyball coach for both the boys and girls teams at Banning High School.

Favorite AIS memories: "Too many. How about the softball team, with a makeshift lineup, beating the league champion 3 - 0, but losing count of the number of outs in the 7th inning.... Countless nights at the Rim Lounge and then the world-famous Crash Inn, stagger out...."

Ken's closing comment was that it's "about time we had a reunion...."

[It sure was, and we're sure glad we did, and we sure hope to see our former colleagues again!]