Calling all Former Employees!

At three months to go, we’re starting the countdown to Reunion! On Saturday, June 25, AIS employees past and present will be gathering at the Redlands Elks Lodge to get reacquainted, catch up, and share memories and especially laughs. It’s going to be amazing!

Over the last few months your Reunion Committee and others (thank you Ed Reyes, John Menke, Chris Kane, and Erin Jones) have been touching base with former employees or providing contact info. This preliminary outreach has helped us gauge the level of interest for the in-person and virtual reunions. (The virtual reunion just means that everyone will be able to share their updates and memories here on the blog - more info about that later.)

Now we’re reaching out again, and contacting some folks for the first time, to really get this party started!

Below is a list of people we have contacted or think we have contacted (some haven’t replied), or people we will be contacting soon. As time goes on, we’ll share a list of who is actually participating. For sure there will be employees from the recent past, all the way back to the late 1970s, and all decades in between.

If you can help us contact “alumni” whose names aren’t on the list below, we'd appreciate it. To help us connect, please leave a comment on this post or send an email to Janet:

Steve Matthews

Mike Ainsworth

John McKay

Betti (MacGregor) Kabot

Bill Cantor

Ed Hanki

Sharon Hanki

Teresa Gordon (secretary)

Debbie (Hanki)(Limon) Johnson

Ed Reyes

Gretchen Stangl

Annie (Siow) Brierty

Ken Althiser

Denise Cline (Karavidas)

Paul Kielhold

Lisa (Balliett) McCready

Janet (Bilton) Reyes

Susan (Ross)(Rohde) Blohm

Eric McCready

Eric Charlton

David West

Ruth Cook

Craig Congdon

Ginger May

David Fong

Stephanie Nelson

Kelly Bringhurst

Brent Mainzinger

Lance Shipman

Theresa (Hernandez) Congden

Jerry Jacobsen

Phil Boudreau

Ingrid Johnson

Laurie (Dobson) Correa

Marlene Meyers

Jimalene Clore

Chris Kane

Ray Herrera

Jimmy Corio III

Lisa Cotterman

Brian Kohn

Rodger Groves

Britt Miller

John Menke

Tom Resh

Ben Johnson

Kevin Ryan

Lisa (Wessels) Varner

Benedict Felix

Kim (Cannon) Hilder

Terry Licht

Erin Jones

Lisa (Gilstrap) Morse

Valerie Cribbs

John Fulton

Aaron Burton

Chris Carman

Marci Hamilton (Young)

Anne (Carroll) Hepburn

Nathan McCall

Michael Nelson

Renee Vargo

Amy Andis

Sara Goose

Tim Simpson

Sarah Jackel

Ari Isaak

Mandy (Wallace) Parkes

Justin Feikert

Arin Glass

Jimmy Lam

Erick Nowak

Leslie (Lutke) Laine

Mark Fox

Sean Granata

Patrick Yiu

Camille Limon-Johnson

Dan Hopkins

Sean Murphy

Nick Ebat

Jeremiah Moore