It's Pie Time!

Hi everybody!

Welcome to the AIS Blog, where we'll be sharing information about the upcoming AIS reunion (Saturday, June 25, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm at the Redlands Elk Lodge) and take other trips down memory lane.

We'll have more info on the reunion very soon.

Meanwhile, what better day to start things off than looking at a longstanding AIS tradition - Pie Day? Here's a slice of AIS lore I wrote last year in honor of the ultimate Pi Day (3.14.15). Hope you enjoy it! And please feel free to share a comment on any special memories you have about an AIS Pie Day, or potluck.


Janet Reyes 

The Origin of AIS Pie Day

Once upon a time there was a small mapping company in a small town in the mountains. Just down the street from the small mapping company was a small pie shop, run by an old woman (I forget if she was small too).